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10 Total Commander Alternatives for Linux

Posted by Fibonacci on August 18, 2008

Although we all remember that everything started with legendary Norton Commander, somehow lots of TC users religiously believe that every other, two pane file manager, is a not worthy clone. They all share the same roots, but TC with its rich Plugin library managed to capture the largest user base.

In this article I will try to cover the most popular alternatives for both TC and NC. It is not a review though, so you won’t find any particular recommendation at the end. Everyone chooses the set of features that is relevant for his or her needs.

So without any further delay, lets start:

1. Beesoft Commander

Beesoft Commander

Beesoft Commander

Unfortunately the Home site of this commander doesn’t provide a lot of additional info, but there are some more shots that might be helpful.

2. emelFM2



emelFM2 uses a simple and efficient interface pioneered by Norton Commander, in the 1980s. The main window is divided into three parts, described as “panes” or “panels”. Two of those (side-by-side or top-to-bottom) show the contents of selected filesystem directories. The third pane, at the bottom of the window, shows the output of commands executed within the program. Those panes can be resized, and any one or two of them can be hidden and unhidden, on request. A built-in command-line, toolbar buttons or assigned keys can be used to initiate commands.

3. gentoo (yes, Gentoo distr. folks are cool with this name)



Some of the main features of gentoo are:

  • Written from scratch, in straight ANSI C and utilizing the GTK+ toolkit.
  • Aims to be 100% graphically configurable, and comes pretty close, too.
  • Powerful file recognition system allows you to configure how files of different types are shown (with colors and icons), and what happens when you doubleclick them (spawn image viewers, music players, etc).
  • Includes more than 120 original pixmaps icons (16×15 pixels).
  • Internal support for most file operations (copy, move, rename, makedir etc).

4. GNOME Commander

GNOME Commander

GNOME Commander


  • GTK-2 GUI with standard mouse interactions.
  • GNOME mime types (MIME-Type management under development).
  • FTP using GnomeVFS ftp module.
  • SAMBA access.
  • Right click mouse menu with the usual file operations to run, open, open with.., delete or rename files and folders, and also to set properties like ownership and permissions.
  • Mouse context menu that easily can be extended by entries calling any kind of external application like viewers, editors or custom scripts to work on selected files or directories.
  • Quick device access buttons with automatic mounting and unmounting (“no-mount” option for just quick access to folders or otherwise automounted devices).
  • Latest accessed folder history.
  • Folder bookmarks.
  • Plugin support under development.
  • Fast file viewer for text, images and image meta data (Exif and IPTC).
  • Tools for searching, quick file name search in current dir, symlinking, comparing directories. …
  • A tool for advanced renaming of files supporting various types of meta-data.
  • Integrated command line.

5. Krusader



IMHO the most feature rich file manager (CLI doesn’t count). I won’t list them all here, but you will find all the info you need on their home page.

8 years in development, with the new KDE 4 version which is knocking on the door, it might be the right choice for some of us.

6. Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

I bet some of you clicked this thumbnail out of nostalgia for NC 😉
Being a text mode application, GNU Midnight Commander can be used locally or remotely, on the console or under X Window System. By using full screen space of the terminals, it provides an intuitive user interface to the operating system, aiming to be a useful tool for users with any level of experience, from a newbie to a guru.

7. muCommander



Java based file manager (that is why the MAC GUI) with all the advantages and disadvantages of that.
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of what you’ll find:

  • Virtual filesystem with local volumes, FTP, SFTP, SMB, NFS, HTTP and Bonjour support
  • Quickly copy, move, rename files, create directories, email files…
  • Browse, create and uncompress ZIP, TAR, GZip, BZip2, ISO/NRG, AR/Deb and LST archives
  • ZIP files can be modified on-the-fly, without having to recompress the whole archive
  • Universal bookmarks and credentials manager
  • Multiple windows support
  • Full keyboard access
  • Highly configurable
  • Available in 20 languages : American & British English, French, German, Spanish, Czech, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Slovenian, Romanian, Italian, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Slovak, Japanese and Swedish.

8. Tux Commander

Tux Commander

Tux Commander

General features:

  • Graphical application, uses GTK2 windowing toolkit
  • Two directory panels side by side (vertical)
  • Tabbed interface, buttons for quick access to favorite places
  • Configurable mounter bar for quick access to removable media and network shares
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Basic VFS (Virtual File System) support, allowing you to browse archives and network places
  • Extendable via plugin system, several VFS modules available in the distribution
  • Portable, no installation required, usable right after the extraction
  • Designed for GNOME and XFCE desktop environments while preserving complete independency (libraries are loaded dynamically when available)
  • Extension-based file type actions (associations)
  • Threaded file operations
  • Large files (> 4GB) support
  • Main application written in Object Pascal language (with FreePascal as default compiler), plugins are written in C/C++ language
  • Sources available in GIT repository

9. Worker



One of the fastest file managers in this article. Here are some features:

  • Low requirements (basically only the X11 libraries)
  • Built-in configuration GUI
  • Support for a virtual file system to enter archives, ftp sites, …
  • Archives currently supported: tar/tgz/tbz, gzip, bzip2, zip, rar, ar and more from the extfs from Midnight Commander (lha, zoo, rpm, iso9660, diff, arj, cpio, …)
    Additionally it’s possible to access servers using ssh, rsh, ftp, http and webdav.
  • Many built-in functions like:
    • copy, move, rename, delete files
    • create directory
    • create/change symlinks
    • chmod, chown
    • text viewer
      built-in search
    • bookmarks for frequently used directories
    • flexible file type system with arbitrary file type actions for single file types or groups of types
    • filtered file search in the current directory view
  • Assign any external command to buttons, hotkeys or filetypes (e.g. gimp, tar, diff, mount, …)
  • UTF8 support

10. XFE



Xfe is small, very fast and only requires the FOX library to be fully functional. Plus, it can be launched from the command line in a fraction of second. Xfe can also efficiently complete terminal commands.


  • Very fast graphic user interface
  • UTF-8 support (through the FOX 1.6 library)
  • Commander/Explorer interface with four file manager modes : a) one panel, b) a directory tree and one panel, c) two panels, and d) a directory tree and two panels
  • Integrated text editor (X File Write, xfw)
  • Integrated text viewer (X File View, xfv)
  • Integrated image viewer (X File Image, xfi)
  • Integrated RPM or DEB packages viewer / installer / uninstaller (X File Package, xfp)
  • Copy/cut/paste files from and to your favorite desktop (GNOME/KDE/XFCE)
  • Drag and Drop in Xfe and from and to your favorite desktop
  • Root mode
  • Status line
  • File associations
  • Optional trash can for file delete operations (trash can directory is ~/.xfe/trash’)
  • Auto save registry
  • Double click or single click files and directories navigation
  • Right mouse click pop-up menu in tree list and file list
  • Change file(s) attributes
  • Mount/Unmount devices (for Linux only)
  • Toolbar
  • Bookmarks (up to 20)
  • Back and forward history lists for directory navigation
  • Path linker for directory navigation
  • Color themes (GNOME, KDE, Windows, …)
  • Icons themes (Xfe, GNOME, KDE, XFCE, Tango, Windows…)
  • Create / Extract archives (tar, zip, 7zip gzip, bzip2, rar, lzh, ace and compress archives are supported)
  • Tooltips with file properties
  • Progress bars or dialogs for lengthy file operations
  • Thumbnails image previews
  • Ability to enqueue multimedia files (open command)
  • Available in 18 languages

I hope this article will help you decide which file manger is right for you.

It would be cool if everyone wrote what file manager he or she uses. Since doesn’t have polls it could be a nice alternative. Maybe it will help all those who didn’t decide yet 🙂

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209 Responses to “10 Total Commander Alternatives for Linux”

  1. tt said

    Nice recap of what’s available. Thanks.

    I’m weaning myself from KDE. It’s good to see that XFE offers a tree view. I will be experimenting with it.

  2. anon said

    Please remove the annoying javascript thing from your pictures

  3. u said

    I’ve been using TC in wine. And TC on Windows over samba.
    Needless to say case sensitive silently overwrites files 😦

    A few years ago i mailed Ghisler asking if he want to
    port TC to Linux. He told me work was on the way. But
    no Linux Commander on his site.

    I’m deeply sad that we _still_ dont have a proper Commander
    in Linux.

  4. I have to say I have always used Midnight Commander and I think I always will, it just gets the job done 🙂

    • VF said

      Absolutely! Midnight is best. Being the heritage platform and design and functions – still there is a lot of “charm” in the text style, responsiveness and feel. Nothing like it. Except the TC comes close, but on Linux… still meh

  5. Gady said

    nice blog ! I don’t use Linux much…
    I saw a post about wordpress themes and thought you might use it to spice up your design :

  6. LarsBjerregaard said

    I’ve used Total Commander forever on Windows, and have to say that I still think it sets the bar for every other filemanager. That said, on Linux I use Midnight Commander and Krusader, mostly the latter for daily use. They’re good, but TC is still *way* ahead of the pack. I hope Krusader will get there one day though…

    • rdke15 said

      LarsBjerregaard, you already said most of what I wanted to add. I also have used TC in Windows forever, and before that, I had in fact used Norton Commander in Dos 2.x for many years.

      What this article doesn’t mention is that TC is not only extremely feature rich, but also incredibly stable and reliable. Krusader is quite feature rich, but it is quite buggy too. I really miss TCs reliability in Linux. The one advantage of Krusader is that it’s Useractions can call bash scripts, when TC’s equivalent functionality is stuck with the lame cmd.exe batch scripts.

  7. Nice blog!

  8. sunarso said

    thanks for information

  9. Lamnk said

    Nice list you got there. I’ve never heard of more than half of this list 🙂

  10. Oko said

    Of course, you left out the most important and the lightest clone of
    Midnight Commander called Deco. No GNU dependencies unlike MC and about
    10 times smaller code base compared to bloated MC. Coded for real Unix
    in the late eighties of the last century:-)

  11. Oko said

    I forgot to give you some other real alternatives to Deco

    ofm (Open File Manager) – flexible small file manager with Norton Commander interface works equally well in console and your favorite term. Written in pure C of course.

    lfm (Last File Manager) – Python code Norton Commander clone

    emelFM – official file manager of Damn Small Linux based on GTK libraries. Probably the best file manager for people who like GUI

    I would not be surprised if Clex can be configured to look like Midnight Commander


  12. Oko said

    Actually, I have to correct myself. Worker file manager (also Commander clone) is probably better choice for people who like GUI then emelFM since it does depend only on X libraries.

  13. Bogdan said

    Krusader is really great ! But I still (and will) use my “old and faithful” Midnight Commander … Quite spartan in options, but for most usual needs is perfect. I like its “quasi-gui” which doesn’t need X; only a shell is OK for it (same like Norton Commander from grandfather’s glorious DOS days). Call me old fashioned, I acknowledge this !

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  16. MR said

    how about running TC with the ext3 plugin under Wine?

  17. […] dar exista si alternative la el Linux alternatives to AIMP | . Total comander: 10 Total Commander Alternatives for Linux Lists . De antivirus nu ai nevoie, trebuie doar sa-ti configurezi firewallul (iptables) corect si nu vei […]

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  24. Ivan Garnizov said

    xfe: no search facility
    tux: search with impossible feed to panel
    worker: terminal like interface with all commands in panels switched by one button

  25. Ivan Garnizov said

    xfe says “search with Ctrl-F”, but on Ubuntu 10.4 different behaviour
    None of the listed has multi rename tool of Total Commander

  26. Efe Aydan said

    Nice article. But there is no real deal for total commander like yet. Mass file management is painful in Linux environment.

  27. I appreciate the info!

  28. eyeQ said

    YES ! I finally found it. It’s total replacement for TC in Linux 🙂

    Ladz and Gentz meet the Double Commander !

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  36. Douchebag said

    Ive used many of these, but I always sticked to GnomeCommander and XFE. However, sometimes XFE takes a ridiculous amount of time to enter a directory.
    Now Im trying KDE so Ill go for Krusader. I always thought this program would serve my needs most, but i dont like running a kde app amidst gtk2+ apps.

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  44. Daniel Apostolov said

    Took a tour of all listed alternatives. Sadly, nothing is a worthy match to TC. Yet Krusader is the richest, most configurable and most convenient of them all.

    By the way, Compiz seems to be lacking generalized support for Ctrl-Tab switching capability. Web browsers like Mozilla and Chrome implement this functionality internally, but none of the tabbed file commanders has it. Neither does gedit. It’s painful.

    Anyway, I’m grateful that we have Krusader.

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  58. Generx said

    I tried the one EyeQ recommended, DoubleCMD :
    worked absolutely fine, I’d say its one of the better ones I’ve tried!!

    Thanks for this thread!!

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  82. telesex said

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  84. Esn said

    This is a bit of a special case, but I own the Pandora (a Linux-based handheld) and lately I’ve come to love using BeeSoft Commander, which is very fast and has a better workflow than the other ones (full list of reasons here). Previously I’d used Xfe, which is also very capable but had a few things I didn’t like (always started in the Xfe directory, didn’t have a working search and required more use of the mouse – at least the nonworking search is only a problem on the Pandora version, possibly the other things are as well).

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